2023 Rule Change Proposal Results

Eighteen (18) of the Twenty (20) Active Clubs returned ballots. The WRA ByLaws, Section 6.03states that a "2/3 affirmative vote of all returned ballots will approve any proposed rule change".

12.4Not allowing a club to hold a meet the same weekend as the WRA Nationals99NO
231 & 32 of Policies and ProceduresAdding noted PP items regarding rules of conduct to the rulebook under section 2.5162YES
33.2.2 & permitting owner or handler to positioning dog for measuring513NO
43.4Incorrect blanketing of dog(s)612NO
53.4Incorrect blanketing of dog(s) - blanket determines winner108NO
63.7Placement of lure162YES
73.1Formation of official Race Committee153YES
84.0 & 4.7Sportsmanship126YES
94.3Aggressive dog behaviour after the finish line414NO
105.2Certification of dogs for qualifying810NO
115.3Clarification on drawing of the board153YES
127.5.5Deadline for registering for Dll prior to a meet171YES
137.5.5Dll point awarding of race points180YES
146.05 BylawsEstablishment of a Sportsmanship Committee152YES
152.5Holding a meet for Dll and CR/X points only216NO
162.2Minimum entry to hold a meet 15 to 12216NO
172.7Selecting a permanent weekend for Nationals315NO