Training Tips
 Title  Author
From Whelping Box to Finish Line   Gregg Gammie
Race Training: 101 (Reprinted from the Whippet Watch Magazine)  Don Papin, Windyglen
Box Breakng: Fixing Slow Out Of The Box and Basic Introduction To The Box  Tom Meulman
Box Training Tips  Several Persons
Proper Muzzle Fitting   Kathy Lecasse
A Method of Muzzle Training   Louise Hoelscher
Race Training  Paul Fraser
A Competitive Sighthound  Selwyn Blackstone, Scram Whippets
Feeding the Canine Athlete for Optimal Performance  Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE.
Training & Conditioning for Optimal Canine Performance  (PowerPoint Presentation)  Robert L. Gillette, DVM, MSE.
What's the Truth About Sighthound Puppies?    Sharyn Hutchens of Timbreblue Whippets
Good Dog Training Advice    Get Fast & Simple Dog Training Tips to Turn a Difficult Dog Into an Obedient Pet!